Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Your Task

Hi Grade 5/6!

We just each read and learnt about what life is like for different Palestinian and Israeli kids living in the Middle East! Today your task is to blog!

You may choose to blog about:

  • Your initial reaction: How did learning about your person make you feel? What connections did you have about your person? What did you learn?
  • How is life in Canada similar or different to how your person lives their life? 
  • The stories that we read about have the Israeli and Palestinian kids making three wishes. What are three wishes that you have about war and peace in our world? 


  1. Nora, 12
    I learned that Palestinian people have to watch out for soldiers and get out of the way other wise they will shoot even if you are an innocent kid like Nora. Life in Canada is different because we don't have soldiers shooting us if we get in the way, it is the same because we go to school and kids are late for school,Canada life is nothing compared to living in Palestine. my 2 wishes (because i don't have 3) are for there to be world peace, stop the fighting!

    -Sarah Z.

  2. Learning about moan made me realize how lucky i am to live in a country where there is no soldiers in the streets.
    We are similar because we both bother our brothers and sister.
    We are different because to get to school i don't have to pass through checkpoints.
    Canada is nothing compared tho living in Jerusalem.except we have brothers and sisters and mom and dads
    My wish is that all wars would stop everywhere in the world.

    -Alyson Stolte

    1. I agree with what you said about Canada is nothing like living in Israel.

      -Ethan Grasmeyer

  3. I read about a boy named Gul he lives in Jerusalem and hes twelve years old. When I read about Gul I felt really scared for him and thankful that I live in such a free country. I thought it would be hard to live somewhere where you have to check to make sure that the cars don't have any bombs in them. He lives with his Mom, Dad and older brother in an apartment which is at the top of their building. He also has a 18 year old sister but she doesn't live her family. He likes to do a lot of things like play sports or watch a movie. I think that Guls life and my live are very different.

    #Cailey Stronks

    1. i agree!
      -Sarah Zandberg

  4. Learning about Mona made me feel that there should be a stop to the soldiers in the Jerusalem.I am similar because I also get mad at my siblings at times but otherwise Canada is not very similar because there is no bombs or soldiers. I learned that Mona has to be late for school everyday because the soldiers have to ask her where she's going and what her name is.Mona didn't like how they acted although she was an animal. I also think it's cool how she doesn't want to leave Palestine, she just wants if there was no more trouble.
    -Jennifer Boone

  5. It made me sad for them not having them meet there daily needs.
    I don't think there is anything common with Canada except there is adults and children. But they did have brothers and/or sisters.
    WORLD PEACE!!! Why do we have to fight it is actually stupid why do you need more power. That is all it is you want more power but do you need it? NO you DON'T!!!

  6. I think that life in Canada is really different from life in Jerusalem because there isnt any soldiers walking around to shoot us. Also people here fight less, there’s no war. Here on Canada we get to go anywhere we like, no check points or anything like that. We have very little things in common, only that we are all kids and like to play. Most of us wish that war would stop and there would be more peace.